Friday, May 30, 2014

Introducing the A&G Relic Exchange - FREE CONTEST!

In my ongoing attempt to "find" myself as a collector, I've found that I still like relic cards. No set does a better job year in and year out with relics than Topps Allen & Ginter. My love for relics inspired me to create the:
Allen & Ginter Relic Exchange Program

Click that link and check it out before reading on...

Have you read it yet?

Okay, I'm sure you read it, so let's get down to the reason you're here...


This contest will be a simple lottery-style drawing. 

Grand Prize: A 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster Box
2nd Prize: Your choice of any A&G relic from the exchange database
3rd Prize: Same as 2nd prize, but 2nd gets to choose first

You can earn entries to the contest in several ways:

  • 1 Entry: Comment on this post letting me know which A&G relic currently in the database is your favorite.
  • 1 Entry: Pimp this contest in a blog post by Monday, June 2nd 2014. Leave a link to the post in the comment section.
  • Infinite Entries: Every A&G relic you send me for the program by June 14th will earn you an extra entry.
The winners will be randomized the weekend of June 14th or shortly thereafter. The grand prize will be delivered when 2014 A&G is released. That's supposed to be July, but knowing Topps, it could be August. Good luck!

Entries Update 6/16 Morning:
Play at the Plate - 1
The Lost Collector - 1
Tony L - 2
Roger - 4
Al Kawamoto - 1
Alex Markle - 1
Captain Canuck - 1
Stealing Home - 1
Caitlin - 2
Night Owl - 1
The Junior Junkie - 1
Mark Hoyle - 1
Sarah - 1
Jeffrey Guinn - 1
Greg Zakwin - 2
Sports Card Collectors - 2
mrblu1976 - 1
supertom - 1
petethan - 1
Marcus - 1
Nick - 1
Hackenbush - 1
JJ Hernandez - 1
Corky - 2
JediJeff - 1
jacobmrley - 2
Wilson - 1
Kyle Wong - 1
John Hazen - 1
Dan Jensen - 1
musicfan87 - 1
Red Cardboard - 1
My Cardboard Habit - 7


  1. Has to be the Michael Young. I'll pimp it if I can sometime this weekend.

  2. I like the 2013 Bretg Gardner! Thanks for the contest.

  3. It's a tough call between the Axford and the Weeks from 2013, since I think I have the other Weeks...probably have to go with Weeks since he is, at least for now, still a Brewer.

    And, here is the link to direct folks to the contest:

  4. Interesting concept & cool contest. Hands down has to be the 2013 Adam Wainwright. Contest pimp'd @

  5. 2010 Adam Lind Blue Jays--big Jays fan plus love the colour

  6. Wish I had some A&G Relics to send your way. I'm in the contest though.

    1. Pimped here:

  7. easily the '07 Adam LaRoche is the best. I think I may already have it though....... and I think I sent all of my Ginter relics to COMC. I'll check and see what I have left.

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  9. I'm in for the contest and my favorite(s) are both of the Dodger A - Gons.

  10. Favorite is definitely the 2010 Matt Kemp.

    All my A&G relics are Dodgers or a handful that there's no way I want to give up. But maybe I'll stumble across something.

  11. I like the 2009 Todd Helton.
    Pimped u here

  12. I'm torn between the Smoltz and the Cecil Fielder. I'll go with the Smoltz since it looks like you have two.

    Thanks for the contest!

  13. My favorite is the DeJesus. 2nd favorite is the Manny with the dreadlocks. 3rd favorite is Cecil Fielder - the only player I have seen stop at 1st base on a ball hit to the wall.

  14. I totally dislike the pre-2012 borders. My fave is probably the Helton, though...due to the stripe and he's a former Vol. 2nd and 3rd are between Big Cecil Fielder (sick wood grain) and Axford (great Twitter follow).

  15. I totally dislike the pre-2012 borders. My fave is probably the Helton, though...due to the stripe and he's a former Vol. 2nd and 3rd are between Big Cecil Fielder (sick wood grain) and Axford (great Twitter follow).

  16. Matt Kemp 2010 is easily the best. I'll pimp tomorrow.

    1. Pimped:

  17. My favorite is the Brett Gardner though I must say I have a passion for these as well. I would take any. Pretty cool stuff.

  18. mrblu1976@aol.comJune 1, 2014 at 7:53 AM

    For me it would be the Michael Young. Go Rangers!

  19. Here is the blog link for me :)

    1. I also pimped this out on Twitter and on my Facebook page

  20. My favorite is the Todd Helton card! Also, the 2011 soriano card is Alfonso, not Rafael I believe. And I was sent here thanks to Sport Card Collectors!

  21. I dig the 2010 Matt Kemp. Never seen one of those bright tropical deals in person. Looks spiffy.

  22. The Smoltz seems cool, for a non Padre, but I'll go with Kyle Blanks over Cam Maybin, the two Padres represented.

  23. Gotta go with the Ryan Dempster.

  24. I'm with Nick, fellow Ryan Dempster fan.

  25. I like the Randy Winn especially since it is a colored swatch relic.

  26. I would go with the only Mariner player, Felix Hernandez.

    I also pimped your contest:

  27. My fav is a tie - an Ichiro jersey and a Konerko bat. I know I have a few relics sitting on my trade bait page that need to go somewhere.

  28. That Cecil Fielder is marvelous - or should I say phat? - I have also properly pimped on my post today.

  29. Carlos Beltran, since I see someone recently claimed Adam Wainwright

  30. Thanks for the contest! My favourite relic is the Miguel Cabrera, but I also like the Ricky Romero, Freddie Freeman, Justin Verlander, and Anibal Sanchez.

  31. Either the Mussina for the Miguel Cabrera relic.

  32. Brett Gardner. Probably my favorite Yankee right now. THanks very much for the contest, I hope it builds the buzz.

  33. Morneau, please and thank ya! Will shoot you an album of A&G extras on twitter, @JunkWaxTwins