Tuesday, May 20, 2014

250 Card Repack Cube First Half

I love repacks. They aren't "worth it" financially, but they're more "worth it" than any manufacture-packed product on the card shelf. Hell, the storage cube alone is worth a dollar. The two packs included are worth at least another $2. That leaves $7 worth of trade bait and blog posting material. I'd say it's a win. Here are the highlights from the first 125 cards in the cube. See something you like? It's yours.

The two extra packs included

I was pumped to see this as the first card in the cube, but I blew the photo up so you could see how gnarly the right corners and edge are. What a shame. I don't think I know any DBacks collectors anyways.

The OPC relationship with Topps for the 70's and 80's has always baffled me. They did their own thing in '92 and did a pretty damn good job. I don't know how to say HoJo in French, but outfielder is voltigeur.

I think I've pulled this card in every repack ever.

I miss these Leaf cityscapes. The card backs were better than the fronts.

This is how 2014 Bowman will feel in 2034. Matt Mieske is one suave mofo.

Turtle neck and Swoosh alert!

I'm not familiar with this set. Was that color bar in the upper left on every card in the set?

Rainbow-refracting Spiezio RC!

Squint your eyes right and it looks like Ed Pierce has two extra legs.

Caption this.

At first I thought this was a dirt track victory lane photo from the '70's

Repack dupes. How Whitty. *rimshot*

Some called him Argenis, some called him (an) Angel.

I had the Desert Storm parallel of this card, but not the base version until now.

This card is chromium covered. WTF? When did UD put out chrome cards?

It looks like Shingo signed this signature on one of those checkout credit card things at Walmart. 

The Young and the Juiced

This card is a beaut. Which Dodgers collector needs it?

Boddicker had a pretty underrated career.

Here was the gem of the first half. Chan Ho Park finally retired last season after wrapping up his career in Korea playing for the Hanwha Eagles. In 2012 he mentored a future Dodger by the name of Hyun-Jin Ryu.

This 2010 Upper Deck pack was as bad as any. Tony Gwynn Jr made me do a double take. Looking at his face, I honestly thought it was his dad at first. Then I saw there was no gut. I'll always love the ballpark shots that were (not too subtly) all photographed from the outside of the stadiums. That pretty much sums up Upper Deck's standing with the MLB and MLBPA. 

Part 2 tomorrow!


  1. Nice repacked cube. I always seem to pull a 1990 K-Mart Super Stars Jose Canseco in these repacked cubes/boxes once I pulled 3 and 2 of them were next to each other in the box/cube.

    1. I'm wondering if someone collected 100,000 or so of those K-Mart Super Star cards of McGwire and Canseco and then sold them to Fairfield. They sure have a lot!

  2. If no one else covets the Gibby, feel free to set it aside for me... Thanks.

    That's a serious butcher job on the black-bordered J-Up.