Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Mail Day When I Needed it the Most

Mail days are awesome. They're something I take for granted and don't post enough. Today I'll be burying my best friend, but more importantly I'll be celebrating his life. After going 48 hours without being able to sleep, I happily greeted the mailmen yesterday afternoon. That guy always seems to cheer me up, he brings the nicest things!

Such as this Ebay steal:

I'm not a Brewers collector, so it's up for trade. I don't need a lot in return, it was a late-night impulse buy because the price was too good to pass up. There's a patch in the upper left square and the beginnings of one in the upper right. The upper left patch is pretty distinctive, so points to whoever can guess where it came from on the jersey. I haven't figured it out yet.

Why can't all mem cards have real card backs like this? I don't need the "CONGRATULATIONS!" text anymore, just sweeten the package by making it feel like a real card. Thanks Topps for getting this one right.

Remember when I posted earlier this week about the beat up Justin Upton parallel in that Fairfield 250-Card Repack Cube from Target? Someone on Twitter told me I should contact Fairfield about it. I sent a friendly email saying I love their repacks but was disappointed to see the best card ruined. Well, yesterday the bad below showed up from Excel Distribution. I think they more than made up for it.

Or at least I thought they more than made up for it... until I flipped it over and saw this.

Yeah Pete, that was my face too. I don't know what kind of statement this makes. Either Pete Rose autographs are worth nothing now or the Fairfield Company is the most generous corporation ever. There's a little truth to #1, but I'm leaning towards #2. On a day where kindness was apt to catch me off guard, Fairfield knocked me on my ass. 

Speaking of being knocked down from kindness, Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown sent me a ton of 2014 Gypsy Queen Minis I need for my set. Guys, I know you didn't like GQ and I know you bought some anyways, so just unload those cards you detest on me! I'll make it worth your while... *winky face* 

On Tuesday evening I entered a Royals Bowman group break because I the bidding was (comparatively) low. I didn't expect to win with my usually low-ball bid... but I did! I didn't watch the break (I got a little distracted by some bad news) but I happily opened the package yesterday afternoon. Bataboom batabing! 

That's right, a BLUE BORDER BEAUTY ROYALS AUTOGRAPH of one of my favorite prospects! This thing shines like no other in person. Well... there is one other card it shines like...

WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE YES! The grrrrrrrrreatest (non-HOF) card in my PC now is this Yordano Ventura autographed blue refractor RC /150. Holy smokes. It's jaw dropping. My hands were shaking. Talk about having a mail day!


  1. Glad the hobby was able to lift your spirits a bit. Hang in there today.

  2. I would love the Weeks card. I think the patch came from the edge of the r in brewers. Please email me at

  3. That Pete Rose auto is the Bomb, dude!! Yay Fairfield!

  4. That was a good mailday. Wish I had read the blog earlier today too for that weeks card, though in fairness I think I have already gotten one (just not that nice!).

  5. That's one of my favorite things about the hobby... it has a special way of cheering me up when I need it the most. I'm glad Fairfield took care of you with that sweet Pete Rose autograph.

  6. Blue pen on a blue border Royals auto?? That IS pretty! Nice pulls.

  7. Just a friendly reminder that I'm still hoping for some return cards for those GQ minis I sent ya if you get a chance.