Monday, May 19, 2014

The Best of My Latest Royals PC Additions - Scan Heavy

This post is pretty simple. Last night I got around to putting my latest PC additions in the PC binder. Here are some of the best from the last few months.

Definitely one of the best Topps Gallery cards made.

Upper Deck I miss thee

2013 GQ Country Breakfast plate

Back when Country Breakfast was just a side of hashbrowns

This card feels very Space Jam-ish

Forgot to scan the front, but you've probably seen a few of these

I bet you get more power if you keep your back leg planted. 

This is #'d 96/99 and I got it for like $5 on COMC

There's a guy in Nebraska who hoards Alex Gordon plates and will pay up to $100 for each on Ebay. Thankfully I found this bad boy on COMC for $15.

Turn Ahead the Clock - Front

Turn Ahead the Clock - Back

I know, I'm a hypocrite. 

This was made in 2001 to commemorate 1993 Finest. Sweeney was very much a 1B/DH by 2001 and in 1993 he was a catcher in Eugene, Oregon. Not sure why they used him in a catching stance.

I hit 2 HR's yesterday and had 6 RBI's. #SmugLife

My 2013 Topps Chrome Parallels so far

Bowman parallels so far

Have a spectacular Monday!


  1. Wow. Tons o' sweet blue cardboard. But nothing beats the Brett at the top. That is awesome. They should make more like that.

  2. That 2013 Gordon page is sweet... but that Brett Gallery card is the sweetest!