Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SUPER REPACK Video Break Part #2

Here's a list of fun things to do tonight in no particular order. 

  • Watch the Crackin' Wax TTT Group Break
  • Watch my video below that was filmed by me at 4 AM. Keep it on mute though, I sound like a drunk.
  • Watch the maybe last baseball game of the year tonight. Either way, Wacha will be forever remembered for the outcome. That's a lot of pressure for a 21 year old.
  • Binge on Downton Abbey like I've been doing lately. I'm so lost when there aren't games on...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Since I started the repack swap program a while back, I've gotten some incredible repacks that make me infinitely ashamed that I can't match up to it. Frankly most of my repack cards are from the late 2000's and last few years, so they don't offer the same nostalgia trip that I've gotten in return. When Bo approached me about doing an 800 card trade, I was hesitant. I knew it'd be incredible to receive 800 cards to sort through, but how much of it would be junk? I expected that more than half of it would be cards I had no interest in... but I was dead wrong. I'm maybe 200-300 cards into the box and my mind is officially blown at what was sent to me. TONS AND TONS of Royals cards all from great late 90's and early 2000's sets, aka the golden age for photography and the era that I didn't collect in. I decided to record the bust so you guys could share in my excitement. Here's Part 1, I guarantee the lighting will be better for Part 2. Thank you Bo!!!

My reaction upon opening the box.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Come and Get It! 2013 Topps Update - Tons of Cards FT!

I've picked up quite a bit of 2013 Update over the last few days from retail. I'm left with TONS of dupes and parallels that I have no need for which you can see below. I also have a near complete set of duplicate base cards that are up for grabs minus the star rookies that go into my PC. If you see something you want, shoot me an email and leave a comment with what you want to claim! All I want in return is some "future considerations" hereby known as Cards to be Named Later or CTBNL. Oh and I also want the satisfaction of sending these cards to good homes instead of cardboard boxes in my closet. 

Today is a special day... kind of... it's my birthday! If you want to give me a gift then check out my COMC listings and pick out a card or two so I can get some credit to pick up cards for my PC. Feel free to send offers too! Of course my greatest gift is just having your lovely eyes read my blog.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Golden Gordo

The nominees for the 2013 AL RAWLINGS™ Gold Glove Award were announced on Friday and the Royals elite defense was recognized with FIVE nominations. I'd say as many as three of them could get the award but only one is a guarantee. That's my boy Alex Gordon, who is all but guaranteed to grab his third straight Gold Glove in LF. Once again he led the AL in outfield assists for a LF with 17. Think about that, almost once a week he threw someone out from LF! He also led the league in defensive runs saved with 16. Pretty damn good for a guy who has only played outfield for four years. I love him. 

Here are some great Gordon cards from my latest COMC shipment!

Should I put a little gold sticker over the relic patch to represent 3 Gold Gloves? I should but it's too much work.

Should I cross out the "Third Base" in the upper right? No because that'd ruin the card.

I loved 2013 Gypsy Queen unlike some and these blue paper parallels are part of the reason. 

Silly Alex, which idiotic coach ever told you to play on the infield?

I was out of the hobby during the days of Topps 205 and Topps 206, but I wish I wasn't. I like these simplistic cards.

I really don't like sepia cards, but I needed this for my partial 2012 Topps Chrome Gordon rainbow. Or so I thought... I keep forgetting I have this card and continuously buy it. I now own 3 of the 75 printed and I don't even like the card.

Is this a special parallel or something? I bought it because of the bubble being blown. Alex Gordon is such a badass that he blows bubbles while running the bases. Not kidding. He'll run out a grounder and blow the bubble while sprinting, then pop it right as he hits the bag. Such swag! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trade Bait of the Random Variety

I'd like to prove that I can trade more than just repacks, so here are some goodies to whet your whistle. Not picky about what I get in return as long as it catches my eye, but a Royals card would be much preferred. Shoot me a message if you see something you like!

The scanner cut the right edge off here. You can't tell but this card and the one below are really good looking acetates.

Blur thing on his right eye is from the scanner.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Royals-flavored Repack from the Night Owl

I haven't gushed over Night Owl enough yet on this blog. His blog is the epitome of what a card blog should be in my eyes. Fun, steady, and thought-provoking. He and I share a lot of similar thoughts and tastes on cards. To this day I probably click on his site more than my own. So when I had the chance to send him some cards he needed, I stepped up on it. In turn he sent me a "repack" LOADED with Royals and others right up my alley. There was too much to list, so here are some of the highlights.

OMG I had so much fun with this card! This is my first card like this. I probably played with it for 15 minutes, with 14.5 of those minutes spent trying to get it to hit the light just right.

I loved the sparkles and questionable cropping of the Edgar on the left.

Sweet crowd shot.

I really want to see a clip of this slide. He either legitimately flew or he's going to smack the ground hard.

This is very shiny. There's no pitching mount on the diamond balancing on the end of his bat.

I imagine KG Jr. was doing an interview and Jay Buhner walked up to remind everyone that he was also on the team. 

The back of Hambo's card calls him the Babe Ruth of the future. Ross Gload's face sums up my reaction to that.

The Gold Reserve Sweeney looks almost like a 2013 Panini card if not for the "KC" logo on the helmet.

I love me some Febles. I'll forever wonder what could have been if he hadn't had so many injuries. My scanner sliced off the edge of the '75 Patek mini, it's actually very well centered.

Here's my #2 & #1 favorite Royals to cap it off, both filling needs in my PC binder. I wish my scanner did justice to the sparkliness of the white border Gordon, it almost looks silver in person. Very cool! Thanks Night Owl!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Is it Just Me?

Is it just me or do 2013 Topps Update smell like radiated shit? I forgot to post this in my Update review post, probably because I was still coming down from the contact high from the poisonous smells that were released from the jumbo packs.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The unOFFICIAL Guide to Yasiel Puig Rookie Cards from Topps Update

Have you guys seen Ebay lately? It's Puigtastic! 95% of cards listed are all REAL Yasiel Puig rookie cards!!! Or are they? That is what THEY want you to believe. So, if an innocent Ebay seller has the letters "RC" in the subject line, it has to be a rookie card, right? Nope. Topps has gotten looser with the "RC" logo than Kim Kardashian with a mirror and a cell phone. So I'm taking it upon myself to educate the world to what IS a Yasiel Puig rookie card from 2013 Topps Update.

Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? No. This is an insert card featuring rookie baseball player Yasiel Puig.
Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? No. This is an insert card featuring rookie star Yasiel Puig and the fragile hero, Matt Kemp.

Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? No. This is an insert card featuring rookie phenom Yasiel Puig.

Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? No. This is a brand new insert featuring 50 players that will never be used again. If this is a RC, then the same card of Babe Ruth is also a RC. If Topps counters by saying, no there's a rookie in this card and Babe Ruth definitely isn't a rookie. Then I say, then why does Manny Machado also have a "RC" logo on '71 mini insert card? He technically wasn't a rookie this year. Check mate.

Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? No. This is a card featuring future legend Yasiel Puig from the Rookie Debut subset.

Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? No. This is a checklist featuring should-have-been all-star Yasiel Puig.

Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? No. This is a short printed variation card of franchise player Yasiel Puig.

Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? No. This is a SUPER short printed variation card of all-time great Yasiel Puig.

Is this a Yasiel Puig RC? YES YES YES! This is THE rookie card of the second coming! YES! WAIT! No. no it's not. This is Yasiel Puig's XRC if we're following old-school rules. Yasiel Puig has no rookie card.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 Update HTA Highlights

A pleasant package arrived from Night Owl that I'm excited to open, but first here are the highlights from my HTA box of 2013 Update. 
What the hell? A SP without a retired player or a pie in the face? 

OMG Didi Gregorius!?!

Not a big fan of these mem cards. The Mets colors just don't work outside of Mets cards.

I hate these camo cards. See my last post. Especially since they're obviously desert camo. At least go with a dark green color so they could pass it off as hunting.


These pin cards are gorgeous.

I may be the only one who likes these '71 minis. They're unnecessary, but way better than the '71 and '87's. 

Like my 10th card of this dude.


Okay, seriously? Anyone else in this box?

Awesome card that I dropped on the kitchen floor where it landed square on the bottom left corner obliterating the former mint-status.

The best closer in Royals history and our #1 piece of tradebait this offseason that won't be shopped.