Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 Update HTA Highlights

A pleasant package arrived from Night Owl that I'm excited to open, but first here are the highlights from my HTA box of 2013 Update. 
What the hell? A SP without a retired player or a pie in the face? 

OMG Didi Gregorius!?!

Not a big fan of these mem cards. The Mets colors just don't work outside of Mets cards.

I hate these camo cards. See my last post. Especially since they're obviously desert camo. At least go with a dark green color so they could pass it off as hunting.


These pin cards are gorgeous.

I may be the only one who likes these '71 minis. They're unnecessary, but way better than the '71 and '87's. 

Like my 10th card of this dude.


Okay, seriously? Anyone else in this box?

Awesome card that I dropped on the kitchen floor where it landed square on the bottom left corner obliterating the former mint-status.

The best closer in Royals history and our #1 piece of tradebait this offseason that won't be shopped.


  1. I like the Scherzer card!! I would like to trade for it. I'm sure I can find something that you would like.

    1. Uh oh, I already sold it on Ebay to try to help cover the price of the box, BUT if the buyer doesn't pay then it's yours!


    In Update EVERY box is a Puig hot box!

  3. I got a little excited about the Scherzer card, too. I like the idea of the Camo cards, but the execution is not quite there for me. I love the Pink ones. They just scream I AM A RARE PARALLEL! FEAST YOUR EYES ON MY FOIL NUMBER! The Camo ones don't do that.

    If you get a card with INFINITE book value professionally graded, is it worth 12x infinity? Only if it's a 9.5 or 10, though, obviously.

    1. You kidding Chris?! Forget the 9.5 or 10, get it graded by a highly esteemed company such as "WE GRADE UR CARDS CHEEP Inc." and it'll be worth 12x infinity by itself!