Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Royals-flavored Repack from the Night Owl

I haven't gushed over Night Owl enough yet on this blog. His blog is the epitome of what a card blog should be in my eyes. Fun, steady, and thought-provoking. He and I share a lot of similar thoughts and tastes on cards. To this day I probably click on his site more than my own. So when I had the chance to send him some cards he needed, I stepped up on it. In turn he sent me a "repack" LOADED with Royals and others right up my alley. There was too much to list, so here are some of the highlights.

OMG I had so much fun with this card! This is my first card like this. I probably played with it for 15 minutes, with 14.5 of those minutes spent trying to get it to hit the light just right.

I loved the sparkles and questionable cropping of the Edgar on the left.

Sweet crowd shot.

I really want to see a clip of this slide. He either legitimately flew or he's going to smack the ground hard.

This is very shiny. There's no pitching mount on the diamond balancing on the end of his bat.

I imagine KG Jr. was doing an interview and Jay Buhner walked up to remind everyone that he was also on the team. 

The back of Hambo's card calls him the Babe Ruth of the future. Ross Gload's face sums up my reaction to that.

The Gold Reserve Sweeney looks almost like a 2013 Panini card if not for the "KC" logo on the helmet.

I love me some Febles. I'll forever wonder what could have been if he hadn't had so many injuries. My scanner sliced off the edge of the '75 Patek mini, it's actually very well centered.

Here's my #2 & #1 favorite Royals to cap it off, both filling needs in my PC binder. I wish my scanner did justice to the sparkliness of the white border Gordon, it almost looks silver in person. Very cool! Thanks Night Owl!

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  1. You're quite welcome. When I was packing it I was surprised by how many Royals I ended up pulling.