Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Since I started the repack swap program a while back, I've gotten some incredible repacks that make me infinitely ashamed that I can't match up to it. Frankly most of my repack cards are from the late 2000's and last few years, so they don't offer the same nostalgia trip that I've gotten in return. When Bo approached me about doing an 800 card trade, I was hesitant. I knew it'd be incredible to receive 800 cards to sort through, but how much of it would be junk? I expected that more than half of it would be cards I had no interest in... but I was dead wrong. I'm maybe 200-300 cards into the box and my mind is officially blown at what was sent to me. TONS AND TONS of Royals cards all from great late 90's and early 2000's sets, aka the golden age for photography and the era that I didn't collect in. I decided to record the bust so you guys could share in my excitement. Here's Part 1, I guarantee the lighting will be better for Part 2. Thank you Bo!!!

My reaction upon opening the box.

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