Saturday, October 26, 2013

Golden Gordo

The nominees for the 2013 AL RAWLINGS™ Gold Glove Award were announced on Friday and the Royals elite defense was recognized with FIVE nominations. I'd say as many as three of them could get the award but only one is a guarantee. That's my boy Alex Gordon, who is all but guaranteed to grab his third straight Gold Glove in LF. Once again he led the AL in outfield assists for a LF with 17. Think about that, almost once a week he threw someone out from LF! He also led the league in defensive runs saved with 16. Pretty damn good for a guy who has only played outfield for four years. I love him. 

Here are some great Gordon cards from my latest COMC shipment!

Should I put a little gold sticker over the relic patch to represent 3 Gold Gloves? I should but it's too much work.

Should I cross out the "Third Base" in the upper right? No because that'd ruin the card.

I loved 2013 Gypsy Queen unlike some and these blue paper parallels are part of the reason. 

Silly Alex, which idiotic coach ever told you to play on the infield?

I was out of the hobby during the days of Topps 205 and Topps 206, but I wish I wasn't. I like these simplistic cards.

I really don't like sepia cards, but I needed this for my partial 2012 Topps Chrome Gordon rainbow. Or so I thought... I keep forgetting I have this card and continuously buy it. I now own 3 of the 75 printed and I don't even like the card.

Is this a special parallel or something? I bought it because of the bubble being blown. Alex Gordon is such a badass that he blows bubbles while running the bases. Not kidding. He'll run out a grounder and blow the bubble while sprinting, then pop it right as he hits the bag. Such swag! 

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