Sunday, July 13, 2014

Penny Box Paradise Pt 3

Here's the last of my great penny box pickups! 

Tsk tsk tsk, don't slide into first, Lenny. 

Home run or popup? 

The stove-pipe hats didn't look good on everyone.

He spawned the devil.

Sick shades bro.

Unchecked checklist for a penny

RIP Splitty

Shorter All Star than Jose Altuve

I wish GMDM could pull off trades like this.

How many HoFers are on this card?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Penny Box Paradise Pt 2

As I work on packing my house and finding a job, enjoy some baseball cards I found in the best penny box ever! 

Sal Bando had 118 walks in 1970 leading to a .263/.407/.430 season. Such an underrated player.

Any guesses?

This one's pretty easy.

1983 was a good year for nerdy white athletes and their glasses...

The former Seattle Pilots starter was past his prime by this time, but still a big part of the late 70's Royals success.

I'd be sad if Mike Hargrove never got another chance to manage a team.

Gene pitched in 931 games good for 21st of all time. He was 20th of all time until he was passed by current Rockies closer Latroy Hawkins.

Pictured Above: A better hitter than Mike Moustakas

Vern's 2.2192 BB/9 ratio is good for 168th all time among pitchers with more than 1000 IP. I'm really reaching here. Thank goodness for Baseball Reference.

"At first I was all like..."
"... and then I was all like."

See any you need? Claim 'em! I won't be able to ship for a few weeks, but all non-Padres are up for grabs.