Sunday, August 24, 2014

3 Packs of 1995 Fleer Series 2 - Day 2

I need some opinions. Do you guys like the scans or my camera phone shots better? The scans have fare better focus and coloring, but the light of a camera better reflects the sparkling. Here's 3 more packs of '95 Flair S2 for your Sunday relaxation! 

I've decided to add a little career statistical breakdown for each card today.

Career Record: 26-46 5.32 ERA 
Final MLB Season: Montreal 2001
Final Pro Season: Yuma Scorpians (IND) 2008

2328 Hits, 612 HR, 1699 RBI
Final MLB Season: 2012 Baltimore & Philadelphia

Career Record: 35-43, 3.17 ERA, 358 Saves 
Final MLB Season: Tampa Bay 2009

Career Record: 29-39, 5.33 ERA 
Final MLB Season: Cincinnati 2001
Final Pro Season: 2008 Newark Bears (Ind)

3319 Hits, 234 HR, 1782 Runs
Final MLB Season: 1998 Minnesota Twins

987 Games Pitched (and counting) (16th all time)
70-92, 120 Saves, 4.32 ERA
Likely to retire after 2015 season - his 21st
This card represents his rookie season
If he can finish with 50 games this season and 50 next - he'll pass Trevor Hoffman for 10th All Time

15-13, 3.98 ERA
Final MLB Season: 1998 Toronto (Career Ending Injury)

88-82, 4.46 ERA
Final MLB Season: 2009 Washington

218 Hits, 42 HR, 125 RBI
Final MLB Season: 2000 Mets
Final Pro Season: 2006 Campeche (Mexico AAA)


216-146, 3.46 ERA, 3116 SO's
Final MLB Season: 2007 Boston

558 Hits, .263 BA, 186 SB
Final MLB Season: 2001 Cincinnati

1108 Hits, .277 BA, 585 HR
Final MLB Season: 2003 Houston

94-78, 3.95 ERA
Final MLB Season: 1998 Seattle

750 Hits, 183 SB, 469 Runs
Final MLB Season: 2001 Atlanta

1187 Hits, 119 HR's
Final MLB Season: 1996 San Francisco

1453 Hits, 480 RBI, Pretty shitty for such a long career
Final MLB Season: 2006 St. Louis

1830 Hits, 920 RBI, 323 Doubles, 530 CS
Final MLB Season: 2005 Pittsburgh


1453 Hits, 162 HR, 745 RBI
Final MLB Season: 1999 Minnesota

If you could pick one Rockies Slugger for your all-team time, would you take Andres Galarraga, Larry Walker or Todd Helton?

831 Hits, 476 RBI, 102 HR
Final MLB Season: 2001 Boston

1949 Hits, 393 HR, 1199 RBI, 8 Gold Gloves
Final MLB Season: 2010 Cincinatti

Jeff Russell make look tough...

But pitching puts a smile on his face!

739 Hits, 151 HR
Final MLB Season: 1998 Baltimore

107-87, 3.74 ERA
Final MLB Season: 2000 Florida

2038 Hits, 473 HR, 1512 RBI
Final MLB Season: 2009 New York Mets

Oh, and 2 career games played at catcher.

256-153, 3.85 ERA, 2448 SO
Final MLB Season: 2013 NY Yankees

Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 Packs 1995 Flair Series 2 - Day 1

Ha! I know you were all like "What ammuh gonna do without '95 Flair posts by Skybox?" I wouldn't put you in that situation. At least not for a couple more weeks. Enjoy the first three packs of a box of '95 Flair Series 2 (Now with better scanning)!


Jeff King hated playing baseball. He hated it so much that the day after his MLB Pension was fully vested, he retired. Of course he was a Royal at the time so that explains it.

I hope S2 is full of "Who farted?" faces.

Great looking rookie card of one of my favorite Royals of the last decade.

Not one of my favorite Royals ever.

This has to be the #1 RC in Flair S2 and it looks really flippin' good.


The Royals really screwed up when they traded Danny Jackson for Kurt Stillwell and Ted Power in '87.

Wait, what? I pulled two Charles Johnson cards in '95 Flair S1.

The mullet compensates for the baby face.

Lil' Lil' McRae: "Here, you got some dandruff on your back. Lemme get it for you."
Big Lil' McRae: "Thank you Lil' Lil' McRae."

Larry Walker was arguably the best hitter in baseball for the second half of the '90's.


These are beautiful inserts and would be better if not for the ridiculous font that "Hot Glove" is written in. The glove is embossed in foil.