Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3 Packs of 1995 Flair - Day 7

I hope your Monday was okay without the daily dose of Flair. There are only six packs left in the box of Series 1. Here are three of them:


Kirk Rueter must have had a tasty upper lip.

Yes, that was an entire pack of pitchers.


Cecil looks thin compared to his little prince.

The only thing that could have made '95 Flair better is if they put foil on the player's teeth too.

Big Listach has one 'stache. Lil' Listach has no 'stache.

I had no idea that Mike Greenwell was still in the majors in '95.


Pudge has a bulge. Don't look.

Ahhhh! Ricky looked!

Denny looked too.

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