Friday, August 15, 2014

3 Packs of 1995 Flair - Day 4

Get ready for your daily sparkle fix! 

Boone bloomed late in his career 

It doesn't seem right that Eric Young's son should already be in the MLB, much less at age 29.

Did the Nationals take any inspiration from the Expos designs? It sure seems so from that Montreal script on Rondell White's jersey.

Wallach had a career year in '94 pre-strike, but was washed up by '95.

Something about how Veres' left knee is locked and his ankle is turned gives me the heebee jeebees.


Scoreboard watching from the bench?

Last 300 game winner for eternity? 

I involuntarily have the biggest Bob Hamelin collection in the world.

This may be the only star on the Yankees '95 Flair S1 checklist. 

Rusty Meacham just retired from pro baseball 2010, despite debuting 1988.

When I think of Melido Perez, I think of that long-haired rookie, not this man.

I know there will be a rush on this KGjr insert. It's a beauty. I've got an offer for $5 on it, but Junior Junkie will get it if he needs it. 


Jim Eisenreich is the man.

Disappointed they couldn't find a better headshot to match the sweet swing shot.

Delino DeShields Jr was 3 years old when this card was packed out. Now he's a 21 year old prospect for the Astros.


  1. I would be interested in the Mark Wohlers and Javy Lopez.

  2. Tim Wallach for the Hall!

    and yeah, throw that mouth-breathing Gwynn on my stack if you got no other place for it to go!

  3. Replies
    1. I just read the $5 part. I can only offer trade if they dont want it. Thanks!

  4. It looks like I already have that one. Thanks for the heads up! Some excellent inserts from the set...