Thursday, August 14, 2014

3 Packs of 1995 Flair - Day 3

I'm back with more grrrrrrrreat cards from another 3 packs of 1995 Flair! If you missed the first two days, simply scroll down. As always, if you see a card you need, just leave a comment or shoot me an email

To see a higher res image of a card, click the photo and scroll through slideshow-style.

Dutch is practically my neighbor, living about an hour south of me in Arkansas City (that's Are-Kansas, not Ar-can-saw... we just call it Ark City). He's been battling brain cancer for about a year now. He's got me rooting for him still today.

Can you believe that Ellis Burks only made two All Star Games?

It feels like Moises Alou has been out of baseball for a while, but he retired just 6 years ago. He was an All Star as recently as 2005 at age 38 with the Giants.

According to Wikipedia (my #1 source next to Baseball Reference), Roberto has a son named Roberto who plays football at Valparaiso. 

Jim Bullinger is one of five pitchers to hit a HR in their first career AB on the first pitch they saw. 

Ashby once struck out 3 batters consecutively on 9 pitches.


Does anyone wear the flip-up glasses anymore? I hope somewhere someone does.

Enough of the "Duck Dynasty" trailer trash facial hair. Style that shit, even if it turns out like an overgrown Hulk Hogan. 

If you remember 1995 (or the post from two days ago), then you know Flair had the Fort Knox of packaging. That didn't prevent this card from getting a tiny ding in the upper right corner. Kind of like the tiny asterisk next to any of A-Rod's records. 

Monty had a great mullet, but apparently he also had a great unibrow for a while.

This is one "Royals star" I didn't mind the Yankees taking.

Best smile in the game.


I had to check to see if Rhodes was still playing. He retired in 2011.

One of the few Royals to have ties to the Mitchell Report.

Look at those massive thighs. I'm glad Manny grew into them.

Worst hair in the bigs. I'm too tired to think of any real commentary so I hope you've enjoyed my fashion statements from the Skybox.

This made me giggle.