Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 Packs 1995 Flair Series 2 - Day 1

Ha! I know you were all like "What ammuh gonna do without '95 Flair posts by Skybox?" I wouldn't put you in that situation. At least not for a couple more weeks. Enjoy the first three packs of a box of '95 Flair Series 2 (Now with better scanning)!


Jeff King hated playing baseball. He hated it so much that the day after his MLB Pension was fully vested, he retired. Of course he was a Royal at the time so that explains it.

I hope S2 is full of "Who farted?" faces.

Great looking rookie card of one of my favorite Royals of the last decade.

Not one of my favorite Royals ever.

This has to be the #1 RC in Flair S2 and it looks really flippin' good.


The Royals really screwed up when they traded Danny Jackson for Kurt Stillwell and Ted Power in '87.

Wait, what? I pulled two Charles Johnson cards in '95 Flair S1.

The mullet compensates for the baby face.

Lil' Lil' McRae: "Here, you got some dandruff on your back. Lemme get it for you."
Big Lil' McRae: "Thank you Lil' Lil' McRae."

Larry Walker was arguably the best hitter in baseball for the second half of the '90's.


These are beautiful inserts and would be better if not for the ridiculous font that "Hot Glove" is written in. The glove is embossed in foil.

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