Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baseball Card Nostalgia Ep. 1 LIVE Tonight at 9PM CST


After 5 minutes and just 1 listener, the suits pulled the plug on Baseball Card Nostalgia. Shot to my ego, most definitely, but I deserve it for picking a terrible timeslot going head to head with Cardboard Radio, aka the best online show about cards. We'll try again tomorrow night at 11 PM EST.

Online radio shows and podcasts centered around the hobby are popping up like it's 2008. While most are entertaining, I believe there's a niche still missing, and that's one that our blogging crowd fits into. The Baseball Card Nostalgiacs. So let's fix it!

Live tonight at 10 PM EST (9 PM CST, 8 PM for the mountains and 7 PM for the left of the country) will be the first episode of Baseball Card Nostalgia. It's an online call-in show hosted by me, but all about the callers. We won't be discussing cards like this:

We'll be discussing cards like this: 

Or this:

Maybe this:

Definitely this:

Get it? The format is simple and loose. This is less of a show and more of a chat. Call in and share your memories, stories and opinions on favorite cards, players, sets, whatever from yesteryear. 

So at 11 PM EST, head to and tune in! Call (724) 444-7444 and enter Call ID 133622. It's that simple.

Tonight's discussion prompts: 

How did you get into collecting?
Who was the biggest cardboard star of the '90s?
Does anyone remember Joe Pettini and was his hair really that cool?

More nostalgia-inducing cards can be found at #BaseballCardNostalgia on Twitter. I hope to see you tonight to toss around some Baseball Card Nostalgia!

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