Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trade Bait Time - Relic Edition

It's high time I send out some trade packages. I'll be getting extremely busy here soon as I work to reset my career somewhere, so let's have fun while we can. In return I'm looking for a similar relic card, Royals relics I need, or something else that catches my eye. Mostly I just want to match these up with good homes. If you don't want to trade but want to buy, make me an offer. Leave a comment if you see something you need!

I love these cards so much. If anyone has any more Museum quad relics, please trade them to me!

The first of many Reds FT

The first of a few Angels FT

This pants relic isn't dirty, but it's definitely got some sliding wear.

One of 18 of this green parallel which is one parallel of like a dozen. So we'll say it's really #16/200ish.

The relic from the Seattle uni is a little too big for the cutout space so it kind of puffs out for a cool effect. Wish it had a third piece for the Dodgers. Also, EBAY 1/1! It's #'d 25/125 and 25 is 5 squared and 125 is 5 cubed!

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