Friday, September 13, 2013

Gift from the Dollar Store

I know I said I'd post highlights from the Prizm break tonight, but I'm seriously Prizm'd out right now. I needed to break free from the Prizm Prison *rimshot*. So what to post about? Hmmm... how about one of the several packages I've received this week! The first to arrive came from Dollar Store Doug. He sent me a phat package full of randoms, plus some quality Chiefs, Packers and Royals! Here are some favorites.

Grienke was the only ray of sunlight in KC for several years, and I still love him. I love Upper Deck X too.

Why did they dump the international parallels this year for state cards? 99% of state flags are ugly as hell.

To kick off the twenty five year era of incompetency, the Royals let David Cone spend his prime far away from KC. To continue, they drafted Luke Hochevar with the number one overall pick in 2006. Believe it or not, Hoch has reinvented himself as the best setup man in the MLB in 2013. Seriously, look at his numbers.

How does an ERA over 5 make you an MVP Rookie? Pitch on the Royals 2002 staff.

Lots of shiny and my first Topps Magic card. What's the gimmick here? Is it Gypsy Queen for football? I don't know but this shot made me chuckle. 

Thanks Doug!

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