Monday, September 2, 2013

Make Me a Repack!

Of all my card ripping addictions, repacks are the ones that make me feel the least guilty. I always know what I'll get and I'm never disappointed. There's usually a couple nice surprises, but not in terms of book value. Just in terms of great cards! After my latest $9.99 repack purchase from Target, I asked myself how I could get this for even less money. Isn't that what every poor collector asks? The answer hit me today, why not ask other collectors?

So here's the proposal. Make me a "repack" of 100+ cards and I'll do the same for you! If you don't want one in exchange, I can send you a smaller package of cards for your PC. What should you put in there? Whatever the hell you want! Dump your junk, dupes and unwanted cards into a little box, slap some stamps off and send it to me.

Hopefully this gathers some interest. Just shoot me a message and we'll set it up!


  1. I'm in! And I like Rangers when I find them in a repack pack...(hint hint)

    Cool idea.

    1. Excellent! Feel free to pass the idea around, maybe we can get something going!

  2. I'll take you up on that offer as well. I can even make it a total "Royals Repack" if you want.

  3. I'll take a crack at this and add it to the Royals already coming your way.