Sunday, September 1, 2013

My First Blogosphere Trade!

Hallelujah, after five long days I have finallllly completed my first blog trade! That was sarcasm. Five days and one trade already in the books? Hell, I didn't expect to even have another blogger read this blog by now! Here are the goodies from my new friend All Trade Bait, All The Time. I got a nice package of Royals to start with.

Hambo! I love the chicken wing strut as Hamelin "sprints" to first. Before starting this blog I ran a series on Royals Review about great Royals cards. My most infamous post was about Hamelin's '96 Pinnacle card. The post gained some traction and ended up getting the '96 card declared the worst baseball card of all time. 

Danny "Bo Jackson's Shadow" Tartabull. Danny was a big prospect who never fully met his potential. He was the key piece in a trade with the Mariners that worked out really well for KC.

Michael Tucker. There was nothing good about Michael Tucker except this great looking card. Unsurprisingly he appears to be looking at a dribbler up the first base line. I'm guessing he was thrown out.

I hardly remember Joe Vitiello but dammit he's happy to have his picture taken.

Awesome TTM/IP auto of Pat Neshek, a journeyman bullpen guy who has been pretty effective. Excellent signature! The big looping "P" in Pat has stitches in it, how freaking cool is that!?

Man I love stadium shots. 

I was tortured with Rick Ankiel playing OF for the Royals for a while, but I can live with any card that looks this good.

If I had a meeting with the head honchos at Topps, I would demand a set filled with nothing but backstop shots.

At first I thought this fell in the package by mistake. Then I thought it was weird that they cut off half of his bat. Then I felt like a dipshit. The question is, is he looking at the ball or the chunks of his bat flying through the air? 

All in all this was an AWESOME trade. A good mix of Royals and "eclectic" cards are more than enough to keep me happy. Thanks ATBATT! If you want to trade with me and make me this happy, send me a message!


  1. I'll make sure to send you some stuff next time I make some trade packages.

  2. I must have made some kinda mistake when I first added "The Skybox" to my bloglist. It never added to my list, and I had no idea I was missing these posts.

    I've got that straightened out now, and I'm right properly following. I won't miss any more posts.

    I'm glad you liked the cards. The package you sent over to me was awesome! I'll be posting about that soon.

    Looking forward to our next trade!

    1. Excellent, I really appreciate it man! Glad that everything arrived well, I can't wait to see what caught your eye in the trade!