Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Losing a Friend

Yesterday was the first day in weeks without a post from me. I don't anticipate being an every day blogger, but the adrenaline really had me rolling. As happens too often, bad times sometimes get in the way of the good ones. Though 99% of this blog will be about cards, 1% of it may end up as a place for me to vent a bit. Tonight is one of those nights.

It's been a pretty rough week. Last week my computer died, but I can shake that off easily. Yesterday I finally received my wholesale order of 500 assorted packs, and this is what I got. 125 packs of 1988 Donruss, 125 of 1989 Topps, 125 of Phil Rizzuto's National Pastime and 125 of Leaf's Baseballs Greatest Grossouts... which aren't even baseball cards, they're a Garbage Pail Kids ripoff. To top if off, the wholesale company won't answer my emails and continues to give me the run around on the phone. I'll be dragging their name through the mud very soon if I don't get some answers by tomorrow. 

All of that is a drag, but today the worst happened. While taking one of my oldest dogs to the vet we found out that his brain tumor had pretty much taken over and was making him miserable. We had no choice but to put him to sleep. This dog is a really good dog, loving and funny. He's not the sharpest tool in the box, but he's the lovable goofy type. This was the first dog I've lost since I was a kid, meaning I had to be a "man" about it. I held it together until I had finished covering the grave I had dug in the backyard. After that I broke down like a baby. Now my other dog (the one who made a brief and terrified appearance during the group break) keeps wanting to go outside to lay on top of the grave. I'd take this all a little better if I had seen it coming, but today has hit me like a brick. 

I wish I had something funny or interesting to say, but I really can't muster it up tonight. Thank you all for taking the time to read my sob story, I promise I'll do the same for you someday. I'll leave you with the only card I could find that resembles him. 


  1. We had the exact same thing happen with out Dinah. Losing a member of the family without warning like that is the worst. Really sorry to hear it happen to you.

  2. We had to put my Basset Hound down in May after his health began to go downhill very quickly. It was a tough day for us. My wife's Lab was quite lonely afterward, and we eventually found another Basset Hound at the local animal shelter who was more than happy to come home with us. He doesn't completely fill the void left by my first dog, but it's good to have another dog around the place.

  3. Very sorry to hear the sad news, man. Our awesome dog Lucy died from cancer about a year ago. We had her for about a year before she was diagnosed, then about another year of ups and downs (and expensive treatment) till we had to put her down. Loved the shit outta her. A good dog can really become one of the family. You just gotta find peace in knowing you gave them a great home and you were lucky to have each other for the time you did. *hugs*

  4. wow. Losing a family member... well it just sucks. Talk about getting an ass kick.

    My condolences bud...

  5. It is the worst thing about truly loving your dog - having to say good-bye. From one dog person to another, I'm incredibly sorry for the loss of a loyal friend.

  6. Sorry for your loss. Dogs are truly man's best friend... there's seriously something special about the bond.