Friday, September 6, 2013

Bo Knows Dutch Part 1 & Group Break Update

If there's one thing I want everyone to know about me, it's that I can't turn down a good deal. I'm a bargain hunter with no control of my inhibitions. If I see a good deal, I buy it whether I want it, need it or can even afford it. I'm not proud of that, but I always find excuses and they usually make sense in my head. One deal I can never regret is buying into my buddy red_sox_nation's dutch auctions on Ebay. He and I first met on the Beckett forums while talking cards. Both of us are opinionated and we've butted heads in a debate or two, but he's still a helluva guy. He puts a lot of heart and soul into Project Cupid, a foundation that raises funds for cancer research.

The concept is really simple. You purchase as many lots as you want at just $1 each, and in turn you get 7 times your purchase amount in Beckett Value's worth of cards. So if you spend $20, you'll get $140 BV worth of cards. When was the last time you spent $20 on cards and got a return like that? Even better, 10% of your purchase goes to Project Cupid. You simply can't lose.

There are lots of similar dutch auctions on Ebay, but you won't get a return like this and you'll be stuck with a bunch of cards you may not want. Not with this auction. After you make a purchase, simply message him and let him know what sport you prefer. He'll do everything he can to accommodate your request as you're about to see. Without further ado, here's some of the highlights from my last $30 order. He knows of my love for the Royals and some random trade bait and he didn't disappoint. Here's just some of the Royals:

 To kick things off, this is the first thing I saw. Would you believe I didn't own a single Bo Jackson RC? Now I own three! Or two and an XRC.

Bot of these cards are shiny and gorgeous. Mark Quinn was a total bust of a player, but this Gold Label Class 3 card isn't! The "mirror image" on the Beltran card is a young Vlad Guerrero. 

Johnny Damon is one of my favorite Royals ever! I enjoyed watching him play for the Wichita Wranglers in the early 90's. Awesome early diecut!

Four awesome Gordon cards! The Turkey Red is a shiny chrome, the Tristar is from one of his 2006 Wichita Wrangler jerseys. I love ALL colored chrome cards of Royals *hint hint*.

And now prepare for a flood of Mullets...

Part 2 with some great trade bait is coming tomorrow!

Have you checked out the $10 2012 Prizm Group Break? There are still PLENTY of great teams left! It's $10 for your first team and $8 for any other teams after that. I'm tossing in tons of bonuses too! PLUS I've got one more new offer to add! After your initial $10 purchase, you can get an extra random team for just $7! Before the break starts I'll enter the remaining teams into Whichever one you get after two rolls will be yours! BUT we still need two more teams to be claimed before we can give the go ahead to the break. 

Can you be my hero baby? Can you take my breath away? Can you stannnnd by me forever? Sorry. TGIF.


  1. If nobody else signs up by the deadline, I guess i could go in for a couple random teams to make this happen.. but hopefully it doesn't come to that. Come on, people!

  2. That. Is. The. Worst. Song. Ever.