Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Lost Collection Find a Home

My friend, the Lost Collector (who doesn't collect memorabilia from the TV show "Lost") traded a "repack" with me and sent tons of great stuff! Here are some of my favorites. Thank you Lost Collector!

The quickest way to my heart is A) Alex Gordon cards and B) Stadium Shots. Thank GOD that stupid looking Brewers logo didn't last.

Pretty fly for a white guy.

I love this edition of Stadium Club for the embossed name plates, but hate it for the lack of Stadium Club style photography. At least from the cards I have from the set.

Literally pretty "fly" for a white guy. Get it? He's white and he's flying. Love the look of concentration.

"Durrr what the hell am I supposed to do with this?" - A question the younger Giambi frequently asked himself in the majors.

If not for injuries, Carlos Febles could have had a second career on Broadway.

Again, not a very Stadium Club style shot, but a sweet nameplate. 

I like to pretend Bret Saberhagen never left KC.

Sweet shot kind ruined by the ridiculous gold scribble on the left side of the card. Was he safe?

Little did Desi know that he would haunt Royals fans dreams in less than a decade by being the ultimate "spork". Capable of playing any position, but bad at all of them.

This is vintage Royals. Anything prior to 1975 is super vintage for Royals fans. 

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