Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Prizm Group Break Box #2

Woohoo Box 2! Didn't quite live up to Box 1, but I suppose it all depends on which team you have. It does include one EXTRA cool green parallel and another auto. Good luck everybody, let me know how you think you did in the comments. Two down and two to go!

Here's the autograph from yesterday's box going out to Play at the Plate! Yes, Josh Willingham is a Twin still.


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    1. Only halfway home, I'll try to send some good mental vibes for you as I break the last two!

      Even if it doesn't work out, hopefully the "thrill" and the extras I'll toss in make up for it.

  2. Not many hits for me yet either, but glad I picked up the Reds at the last minute, at least.

    Fun vids.. looking forward to the rest.

  3. Confusion: I have the Reds, along with Dodgers, Cardinals and Giants.

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  5. My bad, I have the Cubs, not Reds, which was a mistake on my part. All me. Sorry guys!