Sunday, September 8, 2013

$10 Group Break Last Call - A Golden Opportunity!

We did it fellas! Exactly 15 teams have been claimed, so the break will kick off tomorrow! That means there are still 15 teams available... and quite a few good ones at that. The Cubs, Reds, Tigers, Phillies, Giants and Cardinals are a great deal for just $10 and they're still available. Head here to learn more and sign up! Deadline is tonight at 10 PM CST. 

The break will kickoff tomorrow with the first box. Because the videos take a while to load on my slow internet, we'll be doing one box per day. 

ONE LAST OFFER: If you have already purchased a team, you can get a random slot for just $5 (formerly $7). At this point any purchase will help cut into the losses.  

Pictured above is one of my favorite PC cards! I picked this sweet Mike Moustakas Gold Prizm #'d 6/10 during his massive slump at the start of the season. I think I paid $15 shipped for it. Totally worth it. Now if only I could find an Alex Gordon version...

Thanks boys, go back to enjoying your football games!


  1. Check your email before getting started if you get a chance. Thanks.