Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prizm Group Break FINAL Box #4

Here it is, the last box of the break! I've had a lot of fun this week and hope you all brought home some good cards. I'll do a recap of the best cards tomorrow. I'm waiting on a large shipment of random wax and foil packs to arrive here before I ship out so I can send you guys a junk wax pack or two along with the other goodies. Share your comments on the best cards you got so I can feel like I didn't let everyone down!

This card above is definitely my favorite from the break. If you ignore the cap and tilt your head, it almost looks like he's not wearing grey pajamas instead of a Rangers uni! Beckett Value on the card is $20 and it's worth every penny in my opinion. Thanks again everyone, have a great Friday!


  1. Until the last pack I was gonna get skunked on Dodgers base cards of any use. Got Kemp, not Kershaw. Oh well. Got the USA Kershaw, though, so that's cool. But two Carl Crawfords and three Ellian Herreras. Meh.

    I'm pretty sure I got 2-3 Stan Musials and 2 Bob Gibsons. Might have gotten two Ernie Banks cards, too. Don't remember. I (think I) saw more than one of the following come out of packs if anyone's up for a swap before Chris sends 'em: Yastrzemski, David Wright, Jeter, Brett, Mattingly, Maddux. I'm into the retired guys. Let me know.

    Thanks for doing this, Chris. Tons of fun, even if I fudged up one of the teams I wanted.

  2. thanks for doing this... looks like it was fun. The videos were cool, except the last one was very choppy. I guess the new comp isn't up to speed yet. But a hammer fixes a lot of tech issues.

    as far as how I did.... well, it wasn't pretty. No hits for my two teams that I saw... but I did get I believe three Andrelton Simmons Rookies which was cool. Two for me and one to give to my buddy.
    That was my best card other than a Chipper base. And we all love Chippah!