Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making my Repacks (Getcha One!)

After my post yesterday, I had two bloggers reach out to set up a "repack" swap. Play at the Plate and Swing and a Pop Up both have a 100+ card repack coming their way! Here's how I put mine together. I started by taking all my previously nicely sorted cards, and making a mountain out of them. Actually, I made several mountains. Then I carefully shuffled them around to mix up teams and sets. I've got everything in here from '82 Donruss to 2013 Allen & Ginter. Most cards are commons, but there are also tons of inserts, parallels and stars. Several cards caught my eye and made me wonder why they weren't in one of my folders. Oh well, they stayed in the mountain. After that fun was done, the cards are put in stacks of 100.

I tightly wrapped and the stack in plastic and taped it up. It's probable that the top and bottom cards may get a little corner bending, but that's why I threw in extras. 

Next came bubble wrap. Once I taped it all up tightly the finishing packaging was put on with the shipping label. Voila. Oh, and I put some extra Rangers and Red Sox into each blogger's stack. 

Nobody's gonna find any awesome 1/1's or high dollar cards, but I can almost guarantee there's at least $40 to $50 BV in each stack I'll send out. There are still thousands of cards now randomly mixed up that need to go out, so if you want a "repack" then just let me know! If you don't want to send me some PC cards or another repack in exchange, you can have one for $4 which will cover the cost of shipping supplies and postage. Email me for a larger lot.

Now, let's look at some shiny new PC cards from COMC!

Colin Rodgers is a 19 year old prospect with a pretty low ceiling, but I LOVE 2013 EEE. Especially the blue diecut parallels.

This Satchel (My name isn't SatcheLL) Paige '52 Topps chrome reprint is from 2001 Archives Reserve. I've always loved reading up on Paige and would give anything to have seen him play. 

I spent a summer working for the local minor league baseball team and for two weeks every summer we hosted the National Baseball Congress World Series. The NBC was once (as recently as the early 2000's) the biggest semi-pro summer tournament in the US. It got that way because founder Hap Dumont invited Satchel's Bismarck Churchill's to Wichita in 1935 to play in his new tournament. Paige was making $250/month playing for Bismark so the promised $7,000 purse that would go to the NBC champion was very alluring. Dumont didn't have a dime to his name after kicking off the tournament, but he knew that by inviting Satchel and his team to Wichita, he'd have at least have a shot at making $7,000 at the gate throughout the tournament. It was boom or bust. Hap Dumont did better than that, he reportedly made about $30,000. 78 years later and the tournament is still drawing in teams and fans from across the US every August. 


  1. Got about 70+ Royals comin yr way, then added enough randoms to make it an even 100 (assuming my math is right).

    1. Thanks backstop! That's incredible! I'm not sure I've got 70 Padres that aren't in my massive mixup now, but I'll have something out to you in the next couple days.

  2. I totally dig this idea! Excellent use of the Power of Random! Count me in. I'm a Dodgers guy but I collect everything. I'd be thrilled if my repack included just about any non-Topps base set cards from about 1998-2007. I'll email you to get the ball rolling.

  3. sounds fun, I hope to hit up one of these but it will likely have to be in the offseason