Monday, September 16, 2013

Ultimate PC Pickup Quadstyle

There's been one card I've had my eye on this summer. The 2013 Topps Museum Collection Alex Gordon quad-patch. I grabbed a boring 4 gray swatch one earlier this year, but the one I really wanted had four stripe pieces from the sleeve cuff. One popped up on Ebay with a ridiculous asking price, and I had to pass. To my joy, the bad boy below was auction style. I ended up paying $35 for it, but it was well worth every penny to my broke ass. Plus... EBAY 1/1!!!


  1. Nice quad relic! The Escobar bat relic can be yours, just make me an offer. Not looking for anything ridiculous, just a fair offer.

  2. Sweet. Gotta love it when a fellow blogger gets a Holy Grail. Was just admiring Night Owl's Scully, too. Big night for blogger happiness...