Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Getz Outta Here

As of this morning, Luke Hochevar is still a Royal. As sad as that is, I can't help but rejoice for the fact that Chris Getz is not. The Royals acquired Getz in the winter of 2009 along with Josh Fields for Mark Teahen. At the time Getz was a 26 year old with little upside. Despite that and his lack of a bat and average defense, he somehow managed to man second base for four seasons. That gave him 1,124 PA, good for 69th most in Royals history. Over that time he hit one homerun. 1 HR. His SLG was above .287 only one season of his four in KC. His OBP peaked at .313 in 2011. This guy was awful. Nonetheless, he got the designation as a good "clubhouse guy" who plays the game "the right way". Fans like myself can't comprehend that since I've never played in the MLB. No, he didn't do anything to help us score runs or avoid outs, but he sure as hell did something else to make Ned Yost and Dayton Moore fall in love with him.

As for me... the biggest loss will be not having his insanely gorgeous wife in the stands next season. In a way, Chris Getz is a role model for anyone who has never been very good at something. It just goes to show that you can suck ass and still land a wife way out of your league, you just have to be rich. Or a good clubhouse guy.

Nicky became a bigger household name than her husband this Fall when she teamed up with David Dejesus's equally hot wife to compete on CBS's "The Amazing Race". Despite getting saved by the producers twice, the "Bunnies" were eliminated a couple weeks ago. It's dark times in the Getz household, but happy times in mine.


  1. So that's what "playing the game the right way" means? Having a hot wife? It all makes sense now. If I was the manager, I'd fill my team with those guys.

    1. I think so... but since there are no sabremetrics to explain how it works I'll never know for sure.

  2. I quite enjoyed watching them on The Amazing Race. Twas disappointing when they were finally eliminated.