Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bloody Sunday

With Week 17 of the NFL meaning mostly worthless games, I decided to get crackin' on the PWE's I'm sending out this week. I was overwhelmed by the nearly 40 entries I got! If you missed out, feel free to sign up at this link. I had to cut it off around noon since I only had so many envelopes and stamps, but I'm sure I'll do more rounds in the future. As hefty a task as it's been, thankfully my dog has been here to cheer me on!

Actually, he just sat there and whined because I wouldn't play tug of war with him.

 Instead of football we watched the 1999 WWF Royal Rumble. Disclaimer: I'm a nerd for pro wrestling. I haven't kept up with it over the past few years, but I'm obsessed with anything pre-2002. The 1999 Royal Rumble featured the infamous "I Quit Match" for the WWF Championship between Mankind and The Rock. To win the match, you had to make your opponent say "I Quit" into the microphone.

It quickly became one of the most brutal matches in wrestling history. For 30 minutes The Rock threw Mick Foley around the arena, through the announcers table, into the steps, off of a platform into the electrical equipment and everywhere else. Mankind refused to say "I Quit", so the Rock beat him over the head with a steel chair like 13 times or something until he was unconscious.

The most sickening part was that Mick Foley's wife and young children were in the front row watching. As you can see, they were both too young to understand why their dad was being beaten so savagely and that it was all part of a story. You could hear them screaming and crying during the match. The match was covered in depth in the award winning documentary "Beyond the Mat" which you can watch below.

This is my kind of Sunday.


  1. Hey, may you email me your address and I will send something your way. Thanks.

  2. I was a wrestling nerd in the 80's. There would be a full living room every Wrestlemania.