Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just Need ONE More

Can you be my hero, buddy? Can you take my stress away? Can you join my break... just one time! I can cut... you a good deal. 

2014 Typhoon Haiyan Charity Break

Thanks to Doug, we need just one last team to sign up for the break by midnight tonight so I can order the boxes. After that, I'll place the order for the boxes and set a date and time for sometime in the next two weeks. Spots will stay open until the break starts or we sell out, but that can't happen if just ONE more person doesn't claim a team. The folks in the break have been super generous and a few have bought multiple spots, but we need somebody who has been on the fence to jump to our side.

Have you never done a group break before? This is the perfect one to get started with. Through midnight tonight I'm still running the TWO for $40 Random deal. That's just $40 for every card from two random teams out of 11 stellar boxes, plus a few loose packs. Plus whatever I toss in. And the money goes to feed and shelter children.

Want to be my hero? Enrique Iglesias wants you to be. Email me at to claim a team or a TWO for $40 Random Slot!

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