Monday, February 17, 2014

Typhoon Haiyan Charity Break Day 1 Recap

The first 9 of 11 boxes were a total win for us in the charity break! We've got two more to open tonight. You can catch the entire video replay on Ustream, but here's a recap of some of the hits and highlights!

Arizona Diamondbacks - Fuji
Atlanta Braves - Wes
Baltimore Orioles - VFSB
Boston Red Sox - Gavin
Chicago Cubs - Matt M
Chicago White Sox - Gavin
Cincinnati Reds - Chris Razz
Cleveland Indians - Fuji
Colorado Rockies - Wes
Detroit Tigers - Roger
Houston Astros - VFSB
Kansas City Royals - Doug H
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - VFSB
Los Angeles Dodgers - Ethan
Miami Marlins - Doug C
Milwaukee Brewers - Fuji
Minnesota Twins - VFSB
New York Mets - Greg
New York Yankees - Cathy
Oakland Athletics - Gavin
Philadelphia Phillies - Doug H
Pittsburgh Pirates - Chris Razz
San Diego Padres - Doug H
San Francisco Giants - Ross M
Seattle Mariners - TJ
St. Louis Cardinals - Brian S
Tampa Bay Rays - Chris Razz
Texas Rangers - Brian S
Toronto Blue Jays - Chris Razz
Washington Nationals - VFSB

Markakis Relic /199 - Carrasco Autos /99 & /199

John Danks Artist Autograph 8/10

David Ortiz Black Printing Plate 1/1

UPDATE: I just realized today is President's Day, meaning no mail. We'll open the last two boxes this Wednesday night barring any wrenches tossed in!


  1. Nice! Looks like I had a few decent hits, with the best saved for last.

  2. The A's haven't done much for me this break.. and I've already got a bunch of them in my trade stack.. So, not sure if this is something normally done in group breaks, but any Oakland fan in the break want to propose a trade for a random team they got?

    1. Shoot Fuji a message. He was hoping to get the A's. sanjosefuji at yahoo dot com

    2. Ok, Fuji and I have agreed on a swap! The A's can be transferred over to him, and the Indians over to me (I'll send him one of the Carrasco autos to complete the deal.)

  3. In the video for the randomization, you said I had the Reds, but you show me with the Cardinals on the list.

    1. Fast forward to 8:30 where I finally got the list sorted out correctly . I'll work on my setup for the randomization in the future, I was trying to show you guys both lists side by side on camera, but couldn't see what I was recording so the left half of the screen was cut off. When I set the camera back down, I wrote it all out by hand to make sure it lined up right, hence the awkward 5 minutes of nothingness.