Sunday, February 16, 2014

Charity Break LIVE TONIGHT 8 PM EST - 5 (or less) Spots Left!

Today is the day! After over three months of dedication and generosity by all of you, tonight we're busting a ton of boxes and saving a ton of lives! Because of you, we'll be donating enough money to Childfund International's efforts in the Philippines to feed and shelter dozens of children. Honestly, you guys have no idea how much that touches my heart. If I didn't have a reputation to keep up, I might admit to tearing up a bit. Tonight is all about celebration though because...

TODAY Sunday, February 16th at 8 PM EST

The break will take place on Ustream at

I admit, I've never used Ustream before as a streamer, so I'll be hopping on early to play around and make sure I've got everything down pat. I really hope you can join us tonight whether you've bought into the break or not, come hang out and have a good time with your fellow bloggers! We'll kick things off by randomizing off the teams via

I'm convinced there's no better group of people than card bloggers, and I know that everyone who has been able to support this break has done so to the best of their means. Whether that's through buying a spot (or more), through plugging it on their blogs, or any other way, it means the world to me.

That said, there are still 5 SPOTS LEFT! Email me at to grab one or more of these. Don't send payment until I shoot you a response just in case we sell out first. I'm confident we WILL sell out, so grab your spots as quickly as you can!

I'm putting together a pile of cards to give out during the night to those watching live and commenting. They'll be given out through contests and trivia at random times. I'm not sure how long the break will last, but I'm prepared to rock it until it's over with. Assuming I don't screw anything up, the break will be saved on Ustream so you can watch it later if you can't join live.

Don't forget to let your readers know that you're tuning in tonight to watch the break! The more the merrier!

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