Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Break is ON! Let's Save Some Lives!

Some 9th inning heroics from Doug and Mr. Fuji put us at 16 teams claimed for the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Break. Half of the boxes have been ordered, but I'm waiting to hear back from Steel City before I can place my order with them. Once I have the order in, a date will be set for next week or the week after.

The big bump is behind us now, but we still need a few more teams claimed to put together a worthwhile donation. We're hovering right on top of the break even point, so every penny raised from here on out will go directly to Childfund International's efforts in the Philippines. If you're curious about why I chose Childfund International, it's because of their high level of respectability among charities. 82 cents of every dollar goes back to the children they're helping.

If you haven't kept track of the progress since the November typhoon, you might be saddened to learn that progress has been slow. Food prices have doubled compared to before the storm. Most people are still without work, which means they are without money. The Philippines saw an extreme amount of kindness from people throughout the world through donations after the storm, but since Christmas the donations have slowed immensely. Anyone who has every been around a disaster knows that recovery takes a long time.

The Philippines have long been known for one of the most despicable crimes against humanity, child sex trafficking. High poverty rates and starvation have led to high recruitment by cartels for this purpose. With most families having no source of income, these cartels approach families with promises of honest work for their children. They're told the children will be working overnight in bakeries, when in reality they're taken to the red light district. What choice do these families have? With no food and no other options, the human spirit will suffer through anything to survive.

We can help these people. If we filled this break up, we'd provide enough money to feed, clothe and shelter a child for an entire year. Can you imagine that?

In appreciation for all you guys have done, I'm going to throw five teams on sale through tomorrow night. 

Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
Washington Nationals

These five teams can be claimed through midnight on February 5th for just $30. Email me at chrisross4444@gmail.com to claim a team. Thank you all for your kindness and support of this great cause, I can't wait to rip some cards!


  1. Certainly glad to hear this is happening! Thanks for your tenacity, not to mention your generosity, Chris. Really looking forward to this one.

  2. Chris, this is just a reminder that the cash is coming. I had to push it back to mid-February, hope that's OK, but wanted you to know.

  3. Okay, sign me on for the Pirates, but it might take until Thursday (PAYDAY!) before I can send payment.