Friday, January 31, 2014

The Most Crazy Insane Group Break Deal of ALL Time!!!

You like all that hyperbole in the title? I don't, but how else could I explain this deal? As many of you know, the 2014 Typhoon Haiyan Charity Break is going down in just a couple of weeks. Problem is, only 12 slots have been grabbed. I set a deadline for tomorrow at 11:59 PM to hit 15 teams or the break would be called off. I'm holding out for someone to swoop in and save us, so here are some sick insane crazy blah blah blah incentives for your to join!

1997 Topps Stadium Club Series 1 Hobby 
1999 Topps Stadium Club Series 1 Hobby
2013 Topps Archives - 2 Hits
2013 Topps Mini - 1 Hit
2013 Panini Triple Play
2011 Panini Contenders - 6 Hits
2011 Topps Lineage - 3 Hits
2010 Topps National Chicle - 3 Hits
2010 Topps T-206 - 2 Hits
2009 Upper Deck X - 1 Hit

PLUS a 2008 Topps Finest Mini Box - 1 Hit *courtesy of Roger L*

Those are the boxes included as of now, along with a few extra hobby packs courtesy of the Baseball Card Exchange. As always, you'll also get a few of your team's cards from my PC tossed in. If you get skunked during the break, I'll definitely toss in some extra goodies to make up for it. You can pick any of the remaining teams for $38 OR with the WACKY CRAZY deal I'm running until tomorrow night, you can get TWO random teams for just $40! Say what? That's cheaper than a couple blasters of 2014 Topps Series 1 that you have or are begrudgingly buying this week. Yeah, $40 for a ton of cards, with every penny of the proceeds going to feed and shelter children. You can't go wrong. Seriously, if you're on the fence about this, then you must hate scoring a super sweet deal. 

There are some really good teams left including (but not limited to) St. Louis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Chicago (both of 'em) and more. If you see a slot open that you know someone else would love, refer them here and you BOTH get $5 off entry on any single team still available. Just make sure you both email me at to claim them. Can't pay today? No sweat, claim your team now and pay any time before the break. 

Make this your good deed for the weekend. Do you know how much good karma the card gods will send you for doing this? You'll probably get like a dozen 1/1's pulled for your team during the break. Please also take the time to plug this in a blog post and refer as many collectors here as you can. Help me guarantee that we can hold this break, have a blast, and make lives better for some children who really really need it right now.


  1. I just spotted your comment on Night Owl's blog. I collect Rockies and if you want to do a Rockies for Royals deal just give me a yell on my blog or email me.