Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Found Myself Feeling Blue

No, I wasn't feeling blue about the charity break, at least not anymore. We're now at 10 teams, and I'm super confident that we'll reach 15 by February 1st. Especially if you sign up!

I found myself as a blogger. After cruising COMC last night, I found myself attracted to one kind of card more than others.

Eh? You see it? Blue. I love blue parallels! Maybe it has to do with my favorite baseball team, or my favorite NBA team, or my favorite college, or even my favorite NHL team.  Whatever it is, I love the color blue on cards. So that's it, that's my thing. If you find a blue parallel, I WANT IT. I'm going to start a frankenset binder and my goal is to complete the 2014 Topps Wal-Mart set. 

So there you go. No more wandering lost in the vast world of cards wondering what I like. I finally found it! SEND ME YOUR BLUES!


  1. Great collecting idea! (apart from supporting Walmart.. yuck.. who gave them exclusive licensing rights to the color blue? boo.)

  2. Chris, Chris, Chris... If you'd posted this yesterday, I would have pointed you in the direction of an eBay listing that I almost bid on, for over 200 blue Topps Update cards, no dupes, that went for less than $10 including shipping... Ouch!