Monday, February 23, 2015

Super TTM Spring Day 9

9 days ago I embarked on an incredible journey. I mailed over 200 letters (each hand-written and including a self-addressed stamped envelope and baseball cards) to premier baseball athletes who have migrated to Arizona and Florida. In these letters I kindly requested an autograph (or "auto" for those who gained literacy through eBay) and wished them the best of luck in the 2015 season. My efforts began to pay off today as the first two autographs came in the mail.

Enjoy them in super-big fashion...

Tigers catcher Bryan Holaday is fighting for a spot on the 2015 Tigers roster. I'm rooting for him.

Vinnie Pestano took the time out of fighting for a roster spot in Anaheim to sign THREE cards for me. If I include more than two cards in the envelope, I request that the player keep the cards for themselves or to give to younger fans. Vinnie autographed all three and returned them to me in a very kind gesture. Best of luck to both of these class-acts! I'm excited to see what Day 10 holds...

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  1. Congrats on the awesome returns. I've only prepared half of the number of TTMs as you did.