Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Super TTM Spring Day 10

Every day is mail day when you send out 200+ autograph requests! At least for a while. Day 10 saw three great returns!

This David Carpenter now plays for the Yankees. The other David Carpenter now plays for the Braves. It's confusing, but thankfully I sent this card to the right team. I was rewarded with a very nice looking signature in black Sharpie.

This is the biggest name to return so far this spring and one of my favorite non-Royals. Arrieta is a ton of fun to watch pitch. His control is meh, but his pitches can do some wicked stuff. 

In 2013 Parker looked to be one of the next great relief pitchers in baseball. 2014 was quite a bit rougher, but he'll get a shot to redeem himself out of the pen in 2015. I'll be rooting for him! I love the blue Sharpie for blue-themed teams and the addition of the uniform number (#50 in this case) is always a nice touch. 


  1. Nice successes. The Carpenter is nice. I couldn't find of a card of him so didn't give him a shot. Wish I did!

    1. He's known for signing year-round, so you should be able to get him if Topps releases a card of him during the season.

  2. David Carpenter is a WVU guy. He was a catcher in college.