Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Penny Box Paradise pt 1

My biggest complaint about my LCS is the lack of cheap singles. They have plenty of high end, lots of boxes and lots of supplies. The singles that are out are almost always a quarter. That means you can find some insane cards for a quarter but it's hard to stock up without spending much. I've begged him for a dime box and/or nickel box, to no avail. Instead, he created the most insane PENNY BOX I've ever seen. 

My face when I found the penny box.

First things first, he had a single pack of 1997 Topps Series 2 on sale for $.25. Here's the goodies. EVERYTHING is FT. You'll notice a lot of Padres and Dodgers. The Padres are marked for someone I owe, but the rest can be claimed, just drop a comment or email. This is the first of three or so posts showing off the goods.

Following today's card laws, this would be Nomar's RC. Instead he had one five years earlier in 1992 Topps Traded.

This card has some pretty sweet refractin' action. Not sure if it's anything special.

Which Nomo collector needs this, if any?

Now on to the penny box goodies. It was packed full of commons from 1977 through 1983 for a penny each. 

Vintage team cards for a penny are never something you can turn away.

Prospecting old school

Was Ned trying to go by Ed? Maybe his real name is Nedward. Either way I hate him.

Did they airbrush Minton's teeth while they were at it?


  1. Any penny box is a good penny box.

  2. I wondered that about Ned back in 1982, to be fair.

    That Molitor 3000-hit card is pretty sweet....and surprisingly, the only Yost from the 1982 Topps that I have looks like a Ned-hater tried to eat it. Any chance of a swap? Let me know.