Saturday, July 5, 2014

Penny Box Paradise Pt 2

As I work on packing my house and finding a job, enjoy some baseball cards I found in the best penny box ever! 

Sal Bando had 118 walks in 1970 leading to a .263/.407/.430 season. Such an underrated player.

Any guesses?

This one's pretty easy.

1983 was a good year for nerdy white athletes and their glasses...

The former Seattle Pilots starter was past his prime by this time, but still a big part of the late 70's Royals success.

I'd be sad if Mike Hargrove never got another chance to manage a team.

Gene pitched in 931 games good for 21st of all time. He was 20th of all time until he was passed by current Rockies closer Latroy Hawkins.

Pictured Above: A better hitter than Mike Moustakas

Vern's 2.2192 BB/9 ratio is good for 168th all time among pitchers with more than 1000 IP. I'm really reaching here. Thank goodness for Baseball Reference.

"At first I was all like..."
"... and then I was all like."

See any you need? Claim 'em! I won't be able to ship for a few weeks, but all non-Padres are up for grabs.


  1. If you've got a little stack going for me, you could throw the Templeton and Al Oliver on it!

  2. I'd say the 1983 Topps Joe Pittman card was taken in Candlestick. He is one of several guys from that set to pass away in the past month (Gwynn, Welch, Bobby Castillo)