Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blue Border Beauties (via Night Owl) to the Rescue

Can you guess what this post is about by the title? No, I didn't receive any magical blue candies from the land of Harry Potter. I received some Blue Border Beauties from Night Owl! They came at the perfect time. You know how I've been whining the last few months about my poor luck? Yeah... it's gotten WAY worse. Maybe someday I'll tell you about it, because looking back it may be funny, but right now it isn't. Suffice to say that a package with cards in it does a lot to cheer me up. Especially one filled with the best BBB set ever. 

But first...

Look at that big ol' happy family. I think that's some Chris Getz hair over Lorenzo's left shoulder.

I wish I owned every copy of this card.

Front: "Thanks Royals FANS!" Back: "Except that dude who sued me for shooting a hotdog at him."

I'm pretty down on Hosmer this year. Like really down. He's been awful. Doesn't matter though, I can just pretend this card is for that batboy.

I couldn't believe Night Owl would give up a card of his favorite Dodger! Must be a dupe.

So likable but so bad at baseball this year.

Had to be a dupe.

Wish he would have advanced farther in the HR Derby.

Is this the next D-Backs pitcher to go become a superstar somewhere else?

Thanks Night Owl!


  1. Glad I could bring some light into the gloom. Hope things pick up!

  2. Hope everything gets better for you soon.

  3. Great pickups. I am a big fan of those Blue parallels as well

  4. That is a sweet Gordon card. Hadn't seen it before and now I want one