Sunday, July 13, 2014

Penny Box Paradise Pt 3

Here's the last of my great penny box pickups! 

Tsk tsk tsk, don't slide into first, Lenny. 

Home run or popup? 

The stove-pipe hats didn't look good on everyone.

He spawned the devil.

Sick shades bro.

Unchecked checklist for a penny

RIP Splitty

Shorter All Star than Jose Altuve

I wish GMDM could pull off trades like this.

How many HoFers are on this card?


  1. I need that Zim for my 73 set!

  2. Love that Don Wilson. Serious ground-tippin' '70s Topps vertigo action.

    And I'm intrigued by Larry Demery because I don't have any of his cards, which is a bit rare from the late '70s thru early '90s period...

  3. I've never noticed that Whitey Wietelmann is on that '73 Topps card w/Zimmer. Wietelmann played and later coached for the PCL Padres (before they became a major league club) in the 50's, and was a coach for the first few years the Padres were in the majors. Very interesting guy.

    BTW, if that Tyson Ross A&G card looks sweet. Haven't seen many cards of his pre-Padres days.

  4. From the time I was a kid, I stared in wonderment at that Lenny Randle card. First, the dirt makes it look like he doesn't have a hand on his right arm. Is he grimacing in pain because he just lost the hand on this slide?

    Second, why is the Padre standing next to him slapping his butt rather than tagging him?