Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A&G Relic Exchange Additions and Trade Bait - Scan Heavy

If I have one major hobby weakness, it's the inability to turn down a bargain. I buy soooo many cards I don't need, only because I got a steal on them. It leaves me without feeling bad about my purchase, but they end up in storage until I can find a good trade partner. I get as much thrill out of the bargain as I do the cards themselves, so it's not all bad. 

Yesterday I had a big mail day from bargain hunting a single Ebay seller. The A&G Relics are all FT in the A&G Relic Exchange Program and the rest are FT for whatever. See something you want? Make an offer, I'm not picky.

You can see the beginnings of a pinstripe on the far left of the relic here. I love how authentic they made the 2014 Heritage relics feel, they're almost identical to the GU cards in 1965 Topps. Way to go Topps!

I'm well on my way to having enough Todd Helton jersey cards to rebuild one of his jerseys. I guess I'm unofficially collecting him now. I liked the dirty little pinstripe here. 

Got this for $1 and found out it was #'d to 49 when I opened it up last night. There hasn't been another athlete so universally loved in Kansas City since #5 hung up his batting gloves 20+ years ago. 

Total impulse buy. I couldn't tell you anything about Mike Conley. As fate would have it, I think I've already got a trade partner lined up for this in exchange for an A&G relic. 

I bragged on Twitter that I've been buying up future HOFers like the kids are buying up Kris Bryant cards. My stash costs significantly less and carries a 0% risk. 

More impulse, but I know there's a Jays fan or two who could use this.

These 2004 Cracker Jack relics are gorgeous. 

Total perfection.

Please bring them back, Topps.

Here begins the A&G relic haul. Request a trade here if you find one or more you like!


  1. I'm interested int the Tom Clavine. Email me at carwilecards@yahoo.com

  2. SO can we trade A&G for Heritage? I would be all over that Sale at the top. 2x3heroesATgmailDOTcom.

  3. Im interested in the Lawrie. Please email me at caitlinjennings64@yahoo.ca