Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Big Blue Soapbox or Shaming Away Your Guilt

On April 15, 1947, the great sport of baseball finally fixed its greatest injustice. Jackie Robinson became the first colored player in the MLB in 67 years. His unbelievable courage paved the road for equality throughout America. 

Oh, and it also paved the road for this:

*Stands up on soapbox*

Thanks to Jackie Robinson, 67 years later an unaffiliated card producer can use his legacy to profit. In 2011, the MLB created "Jackie Robinson Day" to be held every April 15. It's a great way to remember to Jackie's legacy and honor those who broke through the injustices of discrimination. 

More than that (and I do mean more than), it's become a way for the MLB and its partners to make a buck. Every player wears #42 with their jerseys being sold after the game for exorbitant amounts. Games are nationally televised and heavily commercialized, all in the name of profiting off of righting a wrong that never should have happened in the first place. 

White men (like myself) bow down and sing the praises of Jackie Robinson and talk about what a hero he was. MLB celebrates and lauds him as their savior and cash cow. Yes, Jackie Robinson is THE most important and admirable athlete of the 20th Century. Because of that, he deserves better than this. 

Slapping his uniform number on a card does nothing to advance the cause. It's just another way to profit off of the majority of Americans suffering from white guilt. That way we can congratulate ourselves on being better than our grandpas by saying, "Hey look at me! I'm NOT a racist. What an accomplishment!"

It's sickening and it's nothing to be proud of. You aren't a racist? Congrats, that means you aren't a piece of shit. The fact that you need to pay a huge corporation (such as the MLB or Panini) to prove that shows how much farther we still have to go.

*Steps down from soapbox*

Yes, I bought that card on Ebay. No, I didn't know it was plastered with the #42, I just saw it had a pretty blue border. No regrets.

I also bought this bad boy on Ebay. 99 pennies goes a long way on there. Hat's off to ya!

This came courtesy of the most mellowest of turtles I know. Twitter is a great format for trades, I highly recommend jumping on there if you haven't already. You'll meet some fantastic people like Michael. 

Michael also tossed in some other goodies, like this shot that was captured the exact moment that Alex Gordon dove head-first through a wall of ice to catch a line drive.

And this BBB of the 2005 AL RoY Huston Street

And this BBB of Fat Elvis. 

Nothing cheers me up like 2013 Opening Day Blue Border Beauties. 

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  1. Wow, hadn't seen that J-Rob subset yet.

    Make sure you get a bracket filled out for the tournament going on in the best city in your least favorite state!