Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blue Border Binder Beauties #2

I'm back with round two of three more random Blue Border Beauties that made the BBBBinder. 

Card #107

2013 Bowman BP107 Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado
Did it Make the BBB?: Yes
Opposition in the Collection: 2012 Bowman Draft BDPP107 Zach Isler, 2013 Topps 107 Joe Mauer, 2013 Topps Update 107 Andrew Bailey, 2014 Topps Jordan Zimmerman
Can it be Upgraded?: Down the road maybe
What's to Love?: Say that name out loud. Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado. It sounds like the name of a protagonist in one of your wife's romance novels. Thankfully this 19 year-old is too focused on baseball to steal the hearts of our women. At 19 he's about to enter his third season of pro ball. His record so far isn't much to get excited about, but who knows what the future holds. If baseball doesn't work out, maybe he could give Fabio a call for some pointers.

Card #231

2011 Topps Update US231 Charlie Blackmon RC
Did it Make the BBB?: Yes
Opposition in the Collection: 2012 Topps 231 Dexter Fowler, 2014 Topps 231 J.R. Murphy
Can it be Upgraded?: Probably
What's to Love?: In 2013 Charlie Blackmon was one of the more insignificant waiver wire pickups for my fantasy baseball team. His season was nothing special, but the random times I threw him in the lineup he came up big. One thing you can all look forward to is me bragging about my fantasy baseball prowess. I play in an annual league with a few guys who currently or previously worked in the local Wichita sports media, so we all think we're hot shit. In 2013 I beat them all so I'm already hyping myself up for 2014. Sorry Charlie, but you may have to settle for a spot in the BBBB and not on my fantasy team this year.

Card #9  

2014 Topps #9 Dustin Ackley
Did it Make the BBB?: Yes
Opposition: 2012 Bowman #9 A.J. Pollock
Can it be Upgraded?: Probably not
What's to Love?: If I could be any man in the world, I might choose Dustin Ackley. Have you ever seen a more photogenic baseball player? He's got perfect teeth, he makes millions of dollars, he plays pro baseball, and he smiles while he swings DESPITE the fact he plays in one of the most depressed cities in the US. His card is confusing as hell though. I honestly don't know what position he plays after reading this. The blurb on the back talks about how he's a "star center fielder" but he's listed as a 2B on the front and the back. Well guess what... he's BOTH. And he can also play RF! With a certain over-hyped asshole coming in to take 2B, expect Dustin to spend more time smiling in the OF in 2014. 

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  1. That's impressive work, getting AEM's full name on the front of a baseball card.