Friday, March 28, 2014

Plans this Weekend? COMC Wants to Pay You $$$ to Look at Cards

Since it's 2014 and you collect cards, I'm pretty sure you know what COMC is. It's pretty much the #1 place to buy singles online. For the last 7 years, they've run it off the Beckett database. Now that Beckett has noticed that COMC is becoming a bigger company than Beckett, Beckett decided to pull the plug on COMC expecting it to hurt the site. Instead, COMC has decided to create their own database which will include a real-time suggested price guide... free.

Everyone at Beckett... since the dawn of the internet
COMC was given three months to build this system from scratch. The deadline for COMC to go live with their new system is this Tuesday, April 1st. To speed things up, COMC has created an awesome gamified platform that allows you to look at cards and enter data such as the team or abbreviated player name on the card. You get to look at a mind-numbing amount of cards AND help COMC at the same time.

Since COMC is running out of time before launch, they've upped the ante. Through Monday, COMC is paying you $1 for every 500 cards you analyze. After a bit of practice, that can equate to $3-$4 an hour. I know what you're saying... "What, am I some kind of illegal immigrant?"

No way Josè! You're getting money to sit on your ass and buy cards, which you can then use to buy said cards!  It's easy. Create a COMC account if you haven't already then go to and play along. Boom. You're racking up money and you're helping out COMC and thousands of collectors by filling up the database. Does it get any better than that? No, no it doesn't unless you're this guy.


  1. I'd like to at least see it, but since long ago I got blocked and cannot access the site anymore. Don't know what happened..