Monday, March 10, 2014

Episode VI: Return of the TTM

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I've been on a TTM frenzy this last month! I sent out 120+ letters of request to ballplayers right before the first of the month, so the highlight of my day every day is going to the mailbox. After I wrapped up sending to baseball players, I realized you could sent to other people too! Last week I sent out to a few celebs and people I admire just for the heck of it. That lead to one of the greatest returns of my life this afternoon.

It all started with this seemingly normal envelope. I opened it up to find...
Play for full effect:

Ohhhhh hell yes! Every American boy's first crush over the last 35 years signed two custom index cards I put together. How insane is that? I thought it couldn't get any better until I looked back at the envelope. I never put a return address on the SASE, so I had to take a closer look.

That's the address from the envelope I sent the cards, LOR, and SASE in. Do you realize what that means? Princess Leia took the time to cut the address off of one envelope and tape it to another, just to ensure that her autograph arrived safely back to me! 
Those are pieces of Carrie Fisher's own desk-used tape! That return address was cut by Carrie Fisher's personal scissors! Best part? She's no better at cutting straight lines than I am!!!

I think I know why she took a special interest in my envelope. In the letter I sent, I told her that while I love Star Wars, Princess Leia wasn't my favorite role of hers. 

Nothing will ever top "Mystery Woman" from the funniest movie of all time. Perhaps you could say... this TTM was on a mission from God.


  1. Two words: Gold bikini. Sweeeeeet.

    1. I debated putting that image on the card but didn't have the guts :(

  2. That is an amazing TTM. I should pull out my red border dupes and send a few out to see what comes back. Been a while since I added anything to my SW auto collection.

  3. A Carrie Fisher autograph is one of my collection's White Whales. Congrats on living out my dream!