Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blue Border Binder Beauties #3 Waiting for Heritage

Pssssssssssst! Where the eff is Heritage? I don't know if I can hold out much longer. I set my internal clock to go off last Wednesday, and I don't have a 10 day snooze button. The worst part is I decided to pre-order two hobby boxes last month when they could be had for $63 (they're now like $75) and I won't see them until some time after next weekend. I really don't think I can wait that long. I don't know what I'll do, but for now, let's look at some BBBs.

Card #77

2013 Bowman BCP77 Blue Wave Refractor Jorge Bonifacio
Did it Make the BBB?: Yes
Opposition in the Collection: 2013 Bowman Blue Paper BP77 Jorge Bonifacio, 2013 Bowman Blue Chrome Refractor BCP77 Jorge Bonifacio
Can it be Upgraded?: Nah
What's to Love?: Have I ranted about Jorge's brother Emilio lately? No? Okay hold on. First, this is a very pretty "blue wave" refractor. My scanner decided it should be a "blue static" refractor, so that's what it became. Disclaimer: I'm pumped about Jorge Bonifacio. He's been described as "Wil Myers-lite" by scouts, and I was a big fan of Wil Myers-heavy. Ever since Dayton Moore ruined my life in December of 2012, I've tried to pick up the pieces and find a new prospect to fall in love with. Bonifacio is in contention, but the front-runner is Sean Manaea
Okay, back to Emilio. I had no problem with him in KC, in fact he was quite good. He's a prototypical spork, but you can do a lot worse for a backup IF/OF. In late January the Royals (meaning Dayton Moore) avoided arbitration with Emilio Bonifacio by signing him to a 1 year $3.5 million deal. For a franchise that always claims to be down to their last dime, that's a good chunk of change for a bench player. Okay, it is what it is. Except two weeks later (well before the arbitration hearings still) the Royals requested release waivers. The rest of the MLB laughed, and Emilio walked. The Royals are now on the hook for $600,000+ of Bonifacio's contract and we get nothing for it. If a big market team had effed up this bad, it'd be all over the news. Instead, the KC media let it slide and GMDM (General Manager Dayton Moore - My Enemy in Life) continues to walk on water.

Card #83

2013 Topps Update US83 Alex Sanabia
Did it Make the BBB?: Yes
Opposition in the Collection: None
Can it be Upgraded?: Lord Yes
What's to Love?: Well... it's got a blue border. That's about all there is to love. As you can see, Alex Sanabia isn't too intriguing. He was cut by the Marlins in the offseason and claimed by the Diamondbacks who plan to stick him in AAA. This may be the last Alex Sanabia card you ever see, so there's that. I do love the blue and orange combo though. When my favorite NBA team moved to Oklahoma City a few years ago, I thought they had the ugliest team colors ever. Six years of Kevin Durant later and now I think the opposite.

Card #250

2012 Topps Update #US250 Cristhian Martinez
Did it Make the BBB?: Yes
Opposition: None
Can it be Upgraded?: YES
What's to Love?: Sthhhufferin ssssthucatash, it's Crissssthhhian Martinez! Seriously though, I either his parents had a speech impediment or the phonetic pronunciation of "Cristhian" is different than how I'm reading it. Look man, I've got a lot of no-name pitchers in the BBB because they're cheap and nobody wants them. I do though. This is a rare example of a solid action shot of a pitcher. Either the Braves are wearing throwbacks, or Crissthen sweats a lot.

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