Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blue Border Binder Beauties #6 & PWE Mailday from Ethan

If you haven't joined the party on Twitter by following @VFTSB, then hop on it! I'm 17 followers away from giving away 8 packs of '88 Donruss to a random follower. I KNOW! You're thinking, "'88 Donruss? You mean that super rare high-end set from 1988 that changed the face of cards forever?!" Yeah. That's not the one, but it's still pretty great.

First off, I happily received a PWE yesterday from my friend Ethan at Playing with my Cards

I don't actively PC Bob Hamelin, but every time I get one of his cards I smile. He's one of the most un-photogenic and awkward Royals of all time, which fits my tastes.

Every slide should be accompanied by a wave to the crowd.

Hendu doing his best impression of WWII anti-Japanese propaganda cartoons

I bet you didn't know that Dave Henderson was a Royal. That's okay, he served mostly off the bench in half a season before the strike that ruined baseball happened.

Ethan finished it off with one of my 2013 Archives set needs and one of my favorite 2012 Prizm cards. Thank you Ethan!

Time to crack open the BBBBinder!

Card #98

2013 Topps Update US98 Salvador Perez

Can it be Upgraded?: Unlikely
What's to Love?: If you're not keeping an eye on Salvador Perez, then you're being dumb. Sal is now in his 4th year of play yet he's only 23 years old. Later today a heavily hyped prospect named George Springer will debut against Sal and the Royals. Springer is almost a year older than Perez. Sal is a 5-tool catcher. He's got a great glove, he's got a great arm, he's got a great bat, he calls a good game and he's likable. That's all you need to be a superstar in the BBBBinder.

Card #88

2014 Topps Opening Day 88 Yoenis Cespedes

Can it be Upgraded?: Sure
What's to Love?: 2013 OD BBB's are the best BBB's of all time. The wrapper redemption blue sparkles from 2013 are probably #2. 2014 OD would be my #3, though the "shine" of a new product may have some influence on that. The Yellow-Green-Blue combination isn't the best on this card, putting this one into the rare category of two positives equaling a negative. Gorgeous A's unis are a positive. Blue borders are a positive. Together.... I dunno. Could the MLB patch under the team logo get any bigger?

Card #159

2013 Topps Chrome 159 Chris Johnson

Can it be Upgraded?: Yeah
What's to Love?:  Topps really embraced the BBB in 2013. They added a light blue parallel to Topps Chrome that didn't get a lot of love from collectors despite having a lower print run than the normal blue refractors. There's nothing special about this card and I can't say I know anything about Chris Johnson. Mark slot #159 as one that needs to be upgraded. 

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  1. Glad I could drop a little Random on ya. Small return for the awesomeness of those Rizzutos, but you should expect more Randomization in the near future.