Saturday, April 5, 2014

COMC Mailday = Lots of Scans

I decided to use up all of my COMC credit before the site went into shambles this week. Glad I did. Here's what it earned me.

I kicked things off with 5 gorgeous 1957 Topps Kansas City A's cards. I love the stirrups on Vic and Clete. The Rip Coleman card is fantastic. It looks like the camera man and Rip thought it would be a good idea to pose during the middle of a game or batting practice. Points to anyone who can identify any of the stadiums in the bottom three cards.

Here are four impulse buys. The only one I regret is the Adam Dunn relic, that'll be FT.

This is just a fraction of the potential BBB Binder cards that I picked up.

A couple of shiny chromes.

One of the coolest Royals cards of all time and probably the best looking rookie card.

Any time I can land an Alex Gordon 1/1 for under $20, I'm going to do it.

Did you notice that the text is centered now? Yeah, I'm tired of left-aligning it.

I'm an anti-camo border hypocrite. 

I don't even like Alcides Esocbar.

Every time I see one of these, I buy it.

Some fool didn't know that you were supposed to mark these chromes FS at $30+, so I got it for around $15.

I also went on a Jayhawk spree. Ostertag is one of my all-time sports idols, so props to Panini for intoducing new autos of his in 2013.

I guess sometimes Jackson can be spelled "Block". 

This is my favorite athlete of all time. I have a thing for the number 44, which started because Chenowith wore at Kansas. If you email me, you'll notice there are four 4's in my email address. My favorite baseball player (Alex Gordon) became my favorite once he started wearing #4. My favorite NBA player (Nick Collison) also wears #4.

Rookie cards from long-time NBA PG and coach of the Orlando Magic, Jacque Vaughn. One of the best college PG's of all time who couldn't shoot worth a damn.

A true journeyman in the NBA, but thankfully Scot earned an NBA Title with the Celtics in 2008 before retiring.

Injuries have hampered Brandon's run in the NBA, which is a shame because he's a helluva shot.

My last and possibly favorite pickup was this autograph from HOFer Buck Leonard. As the slab rudely points out, Leonard passed away in 1997. The rule of thumb for a HOF autograph is that if you can get one from a living member for under $20, you've got a steal. I picked this up for $12. I have no attachment to Buck, but I took offense to the sale price being so low, so I had to right the wrong. If anyone wants to buy it off me, that'll be $100 please.

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  1. Nice COMC purchases. I'm so torn on that Buck Leonard autograph. It would totally be awesome to have his signature in the collection... but what the heck was Leaf thinking? It's a shame they didn't take the time to create a respectable design. But for the price, it's still a good deal.